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When it comes to car repairing in Singapore, there might be many options available. But for BMW’s and Mercedes’s repair works, TG Auto is the best workshop in the market. We focus on BMW and Mercedes servicing in Singapore.

Why Should You Choose TG Auto?

We, as premium car enthusiasts, want our cars to be repaired by the best of the best. We are worried that local car repairs can damage or replace our premium car parts. This article will go over some tips and tricks you should know that will be helpful in upkeeping your BMW or Mercedes. Also, if you are wondering when the right time would be for your Mercedes servicing or BMW servicing, you will be able to find the answer in this article.

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Your BMW:

Tip 1: Warming up Your Engine:

If your car’s engine is cold, the safe idea is to let the car warm up till the rpm stabilised. This means that both the oils and lubricants in the car will slowly rise to the right temperature.

When it warms up gradually, it will help your engine parts to expand and lubricate slowly to prevent unwanted wears. When it is warmed up, the engine will be able to do its job without additional tension. If you are in a hurry, aim to keep your rpm below 3000-3500 until the temperature gauge is steady.

Tip 2: Regular Oil Change:

If you want to maintain your vehicle’s condition for an extended period of time, it is always recommended to get a regular oil change. This is no different for your BMW or Mercedes. It is a widely known fact that you should get an oil change once your car shows that you have traveled 10,000 km. Keeping the oil fresh is essential, as the impurities of extended use can clog your engines and make it run inefficiently. With time, this could also lead to more major engine issues. If you are driving your vehicle daily, it is advised that more frequent oil adjustments be made to ensure engine output optimum. TG Auto has this service, and you can find out more about this on our website. We also do free car checkups, so make an appointment and we are happy to take a look.

Tip 3: Check Your Brakes

Brakes often require maintenance. If there is proper care or maintenance on your car brakes, it might even result in a car crash in a worst-case scenario. They are the most important factor to consider. One of the common reasons why car crash happens are usually related to issues with the brakes. For instance, brake pads wear off and therefore reducing the braking efficiency and increase braking distance.

When brake pads start to wear off, they are less effective, and your brake’s lifespan shortens. Your brakes are now becoming more resistant to overheating. Typically, with premium cars which are on the heavier side, there is more resistance required on the brakes.

Therefore, you should always check your brakes and maintain them before they get prone to overheating. If they get overheated, they might damage the car by crashing, reducing safety, and overall just annoying whenever you press the brakes.

Tip 4: Are Your Tires Inflated?

Your tires which are constantly on the road will have an immense effect on their performance and experience when you are driving your car. It is necessary to maintain the optimal tire pressure to ensure that your vehicle performs safely and effectively.

Tip 5: Regular Servicing

It would be best if you always take your BMW to professionals for regular servicing, such as TG Auto. We are very experienced when it comes to BMW servicing in Singapore. We will be taking care of your car by changing its oil, maintaining its tire, and looking at any other problems your car might be facing, such as engine issues, compressor issues, its safety issues, to name a few.

What About my Mercedes?

Just like I said, these tips apply to most vehicles, and the Mercedes is no different. So just keep a lookout if your Mercedes is facing any issues. Usually, there might not be any major noticeable issues in the first couple of months, but it would still be best to maintain it. Here at TG Auto, we make sure your Mercedes is getting the best care possible.

Common problems that could occur on a Mercedes are:

  1. Engine misfires
  2. Air suspension failure
  3. Leakage of oil
  4. Starting to Rust
  5. Low brake pressure

These are some of the common problems that occur when you buy a Mercedes, it’s best to go for its maintenance, and TG Auto regularly offers the best Mercedes services in Singapore.

Main Points to Take Note from this Article

We should take note that Mercedes and BMW while on their own are premium cars, they might still be prone to issues of their own. These problems can be fixed through regular maintenance. Some of these problems include oil leakage, brake failure, brake pressure, and many more listed in the article. It’s best to always go to a reputable source to get these issues checked out. Here at TG Auto, we strive to be the best when handling BMW and Mercedes vehicles. You can visit our website to check the reviews that our valued customer wrote, indicating that our workshop provides one of the best BMW or Mercedes services in Singapore.


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