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Having a premium car like BMW or Mercedes makes you prone to regular servicing, and most buyers of these European cars look for the best services in their town. This article will list why you should look for the best Mercedes workshop in Singapore. Most European cars in Singapore get repaired by big workshops such as TG auto. TG auto is a car repairing and maintenance workshop that offers the best equipment, replacement parts, as well as service when it comes to BMW or Mercedes models.

Here are the four reasons why you should opt for a premium workshop:

  • More convenience is found in a premium Mercedes/BMW workshop

Mercedes workshops in Singapore are proud to give drivers a one-stop solution. So what does that mean? It means that the Mercedes/ BMW workshop in Singapore should be able to settle all of your Mercedes service needs. Not only do the best Mercedes workshops know how to keep your premium car in the best shape, but they will give you a full package of facilities in one location. You can also rest easy that they have all the parts your car needs.

It doesn’t matter how much you bought your car for. You don’t want to empty your pockets to keep it going. Choosing a workshop for your Mercedes or BMW is probably the best way to save on long-distance repair and maintenance bills. Every manufacturer in Europe tends to build their cars differently. Mercedes and BMW have a good reputation when it comes to specialized care. While every mechanic can work on your vehicle, there is a big chance that the complexity of your car’s insides can further damage the car if a novice handles it. When you travel to a premium workshop, you can expect both top-notch quality and affordable maintenance at a fair price. And because you know that the modifications will last a long time, you won’t have to worry about returning to the same concern any time soon.

  • Only a premium workshop provides authentic parts.

When you buy your Mercedes or BMW exclusively from a manufacturer, you know that it contains all the original parts. However, if you take your car to a standard service center, you may not have the same certainty. Many Singapore automobile workshops use generic parts, which typically do not have the same durability or expertise as authentic parts. One of the key reasons drivers prefer a Mercedes or BMW garage over just any repair shop is that they can count on having genuine parts that are branded and bear the company logo. While some customers may prefer to opt for genuine parts, our customers can also choose from a range of OEM products and aftermarket parts. OEM parts do not bear the company’s logo but also deliver the same quality as genuine parts. These may be in different packaging but they offer the same function as genuine parts provided to us. Some OEM parts makers are the ones producing the parts for Mercedes or BMW. Rest assured, we know how to choose the best parts to use on Mercedes and BMW.

  • They offer the best quality available in the market.

When you take your BMW to a workshop in Singapore or your Mercedes, you expect to get the best quality at affordable rates. You can only find these qualities at a genuine premium workshop such as TG Auto. These European vehicles require exceptional technicians for their repair, and only experienced/outstanding technicians are available at these premium workshops such as TG Auto.

  • Experience counts

Apart from having specialized equipment, we have experienced mechanics in our workshop who have repaired and maintained a large number of Mercedes and BMW, gathering extensive experience to better service our clients. From small issues like having water trickling noise from your aircon system to the rebuilding of your Engine or Gearbox, rest assured – we got it all covered.

Premium Workshops Offer More Than Just Repairs:


Most premium workshops offer a warranty when it comes to genuine parts or OEM parts.

Synthetic oil:

Most local workshops do not use premium oil when repairing your European baby. It’s always best to use premium oil, and premium workshops such as TG Auto useFully-Synthetic oil.

As Mercedes and BMW Engine technology advances, so is the requirement for their engine oil. The requirement for Mercedes and BMW engine oil has been getting higher over the years. Currently, their MB approval is at 229.5 or 229.52. Here is TG Auto we are always updated on the latest requirement and remain in compliance with the latest standards.

Why Choose TG Auto?

Premium workshops such as TG Auto have an excellent rate of repairing European vehicles such as Mercedes or BMW. We also deal in all the common problems that can occur in your car, such as:

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Oil and Filters
  • Engine and Gearbox Overhaul
  • Air Conditioning
  • Brake Repair
  • Accident Claims

We also offer an accurate diagnosis, and it is known that 80% of cars that walk in our workshop spend 10% less time here than our competitors.

What Do We Conclude From This?

In conclusion, premium workshops offer better services than local workshops and provide genuine parts for your vehicle. They also offer warranties to all the products that they sell and keep your baby on high maintenance. It’s always best to let experts handle your vehicle. TG Auto has these experts who look at all the needs your car requires and is the most premium automobile workshop in Singapore.


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