Used Mercedes – Top Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned
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Buying a used car may be something you’d never do before, but hear us out. There are some very compelling reasons to buy pre-owned cars, especially a Mercedes.

We all know that Mercedes Benz’s brand stands for many things: quality, craftsmanship, style. It’s a well-known marque firmly in the “luxury” bracket of the market, and associated quite exclusively with wealthy and successful people. If you’ve got one eye on a new Mercedes, you may have a plan to get there, or you may be thinking of trading in for one. Today we’d like to make the case for considering a used model.

1. You Get More Mercedes

The first great advantage of a used Mercedes is clearly that you can go for a higher trim of the model you want, or simply a higher model altogether. Given the ways car prices depreciate rapidly, your “new Mercedes” budget will go much farther in the pre-owned marketplace. What’s more, if you do decide on the same model as you wanted previously, then you can use savings to purchase additional upgrades.

2. Avoiding the Depreciation Trap

Any new car is immediately worth around 20 percent less as soon as you drive it off the lot — no, that’s not a typo. There’s no special grace period between the period of being new and used, as soon as you start the car up and move an inch, you’ve taken possession and it’s used. When you opt for something 1-2 years old, it has entered into a much slower rate of depreciation so you get a better deal when you buy and, ultimately, trade in or sell on.

3. Mercedes Quality

While it’s true that cars in general have improved in quality over the past few decades, the Mercedes range has not only been consistently of a very high quality, but even boosted that with new technology, high-end parts and more. Of course, it’s not invincible, but generally a Mercedes is built to last, and so when you buy used, you can be confident in the highest level of quality.

Photo by Ludwig Schreier on Unsplash

4. More Choice

Why limit yourself to just one or two options? When you open yourself up to a pre-owned vehicle, you’ll also open up a much wider range of cars to test-drive and purchase as your own. You never know, your perfect Mercedes Benz may be a model or trim that you never knew was the right one for you because new ones are just out of reach.

5. Lower Costs

A used vehicle doesn’t just come with a lower price tag, but also other advantages like lower insurance costs. A new Mercedes will cost more as a sticker price, and in overall running costs. Make great savings buy opting for something pre-owned.

Shed your preconceptions of used cars as inferior. When it comes to the Mercedes Benz, there’s no such thing as “inferior.”

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