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    Accidents Claimed by a Third Party!

    Accidents claimed by a third party are often wrong. Other people can easily claim that they were in the right when an accident has occurred. When you need to fight their claims, you need first-party insurance. First-party insurance covers claims against damages and losses against a driver through your insurance. But what if you don’t

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    Why should you opt for a Premium Workshop?

    Having a premium car like BMW or Mercedes makes you prone to regular servicing, and most buyers of these European cars look for the best services in their town. This article will list why you should look for the best Mercedes workshop in Singapore. Most European cars in Singapore get repaired by big workshops such

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    Car Repairing in Singapore

    When it comes to car repairing in Singapore, there might be many options available. But for BMW’s and Mercedes’s repair works, TG Auto is the best workshop in the market. We focus on BMW and Mercedes servicing in Singapore. Why Should You Choose TG Auto? We, as premium car enthusiasts, want our cars to be

  • Used Mercedes – Top Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned
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    Used Mercedes – Top Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned

    Buying a used car may be something you’d never do before, but hear us out. There are some very compelling reasons to buy pre-owned cars, especially a Mercedes. We all know that Mercedes Benz’s brand stands for many things: quality, craftsmanship, style. It’s a well-known marque firmly in the “luxury” bracket of the market, and

  • Your BMW and Singapore’s Heat – What You Need to Know
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    Your BMW and Singapore’s Heat – What You Need to Know

    Singapore is a hot place, and just as the heat affects us, so too does it affect our cars. Not even the well-crafted Bimmer is immune from the impacts of the heat. You may not be feeling it too strongly right now, but here’s some essential insight into how heat affects your BMW. The most

  • Keeping Your BMW In Good Order
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    Keeping Your BMW In Good Order

    The BMW brand is synonymous with quality and durability, but no car is immune from the need for regular maintenance and check-ups. In this article, we’ll give you some pointers on things to keep one eye on in your Bimmer. 1. Need an oil change? A high-quality car needs the best-possible motor oil, and the

  • Reasons your Mercedes Needs a Specialist Garage
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    Reasons your Mercedes Needs a Specialist Garage

    When you’ve been working hard for years and you finally treat yourself to a Mercedes Benz, you feel a great sense of accomplishment, right? And so you should! As reliable and well-crafted the car is, however, you will need to take it in for servicing and basic maintenance at some point. Now, you may be

  • Common Mercedes Benz Problems – Part 1
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    Common Mercedes Benz Problems – Part 1

    Perhaps it’s the luxurious comfort, maybe it’s the brand identity, or how about the performance? Whether you’re driving the C-Class facelift or the CLA four-door, those were probably the main reasons why you bought this amazing brand in the first place. So while the salesperson might have sold everything good about this car, there might

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