Your BMW and Singapore’s Heat – What You Need to Know
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Singapore is a hot place, and just as the heat affects us, so too does it affect our cars. Not even the well-crafted Bimmer is immune from the impacts of the heat. You may not be feeling it too strongly right now, but here’s some essential insight into how heat affects your BMW.

The most noticeable impact are on the fluids in your car. Heat will cause them to evaporate, or in the case of your engine oil possibly change viscosity. When it’s warm out you need to keep a close eye on the key fluid areas:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Windshield cleaning fluid
  • Battery fluid

Where possible, keep some spare in the car, like the windshield cleaning fluid, or coolant for example. Keep them in the ample boot!

Another key area of intact is on your BMW’s tires. Did you know that you’re more than 20 percent more likely to get a puncture while it’s hot out? When the roads are hot, your tires take extra punishment and the regular wear and tear becomes more serious. Even in a car like a BMW, there’s a vulnerability when the weather is in any extreme. Make sure your tires are properly inflated to the optimum pressure. Check them once every two weeks to be sure.

One final feature to protect from the heat’s impact is the air conditioning unit. When you’re stuck in traffic, the air conditioning is the one feature of the car you simply can’t do without, right? You can do without cruise control, without music or talk radio, but air conditioning? No, no. That must be working at all times. In Singapore you’ll use – always, and that clogs it up over time. When a heatwave hits and your turn it up, you might find it’s not working to full capacity any more. Have your mechanic check this critical system every time the car is in for a checkup.

Even the non-mechanical parts of your Bimmer are impacted by the heat, specifically heat from direct sunlight. Your car’s exterior paintwork and interior upholstery can also become faded and worn-looking if they are left overexposed to the sun’s UV rays. Keeping your car covered when not using it will help allay these problems, and trying to park in a shaded area or underground car park when you are out driving.

You might still want more advice on keeping your BMW protected from the heat. You spent good money on this car, it’s a reward for a life of hard work! Don’t let something as common as the heat cause any lasting damage. Contact us to learn more about how we can help mitigate the effects of Singapore’s heat on your car.


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